Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Android calls management.

This was an amazing day today... I've set down with a colleague, to determine the calls states of an Android phone, and here are the results:

Phone state intent/Listener New outgoing call intent
num state number  
Out - OffHook V  
In + Out - OffHook V  
Out x2 - OffHook V  
In V Ringing -  
- OffHook -  
Out + In V Ringing -  
- OffHook -  
In x2 V Ringing -  
- OffHook -  
2 Calls + hang - - -  
2 Calls + swap - - -  
2 Calls + Conf - - -  

Why is this so amazing? 
  • First, the call events are separated to two intents, or one intent and a listener, which is ridicules...
  • Second, the events are so limited, that no function can be based according to the calls...
  • THERE ARE NO EVENTS FOR a second call hang up, call swap, or 2 calls ==> conference... WFT?? (terrible failure)
Note how many '-' are there... how many events are impotent.

I love Android, but the more I dig, the more dirt I find...

 If you have other insights please comment!