Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Check if all your texts are in the Strings XML

So most people are going to say... whaaat? lint does this for me already...

Well, I hate lint(most of the time!) its a cool tool with tons of potential and zero usage for me!

It actually stand in my way of building testing and releasing my application most of the time, and the warnings are sometimes annoyingly annoying :)

I know you can configure this bugger till you drop, but if I don't use/need it what is the point of wasting a lot of time configuring something that on the next Eclipse Android bundle release would go to waste?

In any case what I do is run this "Search in file", for all XMLs in the project:


Just don't forget to check the regexp check box to the right under the text field...

This simple regexp checks which of my strings are texts, and which uses the strings file...


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